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About Us

Experts in Designing & Decorating Dream Homes 

We continue to

pioneer next-generation Interiors and Furniture

Home&We is a Customer-centric Home Decor and interior designing studio that designs End to End Premium Interiors and Furniture in just 28 days !!!

Our In-house Team of Professionals has Proven Frameworks of Implementation that build elegant Interiors in a Time-bound manner at affordable cost.

Akshay / CEO

Where are you in the Designing Process?

100% Laboratory Tested

I want to build a custom home or remodel,

but have no idea where to start!

Not Tested On Animals

I have a few ideas but not sure of 

the next step..

Natural Ingredients

I already have blueprints or architectural

and am looking for a general contractor..

Personalized Custom Furniture brings Elegance

Every Family is Unique and the Lifestyle is different. We provide Personalised Furniture designs as per your requirement to enhance the Visual appeal and build a Luxurious living space for the entire family.

Custom Kitchen for all Budgets

We Build Dream kitchens of the Highest quality which are completely personalized in time-bound manner. The Kitchen is a Family space that brings Joy with the taste of Food and lets enhances happiness with a Luxurious touch. 

Home Decor Items that brighten the mood

From Walls to Work desks, Home decor items have the power to brighten your mood with serene beauty and build a positive vibe. Let’s re-decorate your space with unique home decor items.

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Witness the difference in our services by visiting our studio and get the feel of the brand-new customized furniture designs or custom kitchens that you will fall in love with.
Store # 50, The Tannery (3, Garlands Road), Woolston, Christchurch 8023.

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