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Furniture That FeelsLike You

Custom DesignServices

You have an idea. We have the executive ability. Let our experienced artisans help bring your ideas to life- from creating a piece from scratch or remodelling your old furniture to fit your new taste.

Why should you collaborate with us?

Commissioned Designer

You will get to be part of the direct creative process with our design expert. It will help us fuflil your dream to the minutest detail.

We do the Heavy lifting

Our designer and artisans, will work together to create furniture that fits your brief. Our experienced artists will provide creative suggestions.


You will receive mood boards, space layouts, and other necessary paraphernalia to complete your vision, and we will procure the raw materials.

Completely Complimentary

We love a creative challenge and your smile at the end of the deal, is all the payment we seek for providing our custom design services.